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A data sharing middleware for ad-hoc networks




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XMIDDLE is supplied as a set of JAR files, as shown below:

framework.jar The abstract XMIDDLE framework
impl.jar The current XMIDDLE implementation.
utils.jar A utilities package that XMIDDLE uses.
meeting.jar An electronic meeting application using XMIDDLE.
shop.jar An e-shopping application using XMIDDLE
xerces.jar Apache Xerces version 1.4.1
xalan.jar Apache Xalan version 2.2.D6 Application data for the sample XMIDDLE applications The xmiddle API documentation The sourcecode for XMIDDLE and the sample applications

XMIDDLE is currently built around Apache Xerces version 1.4.1 and Xalan version 2.2.D6 which are provided from the XMIDDLE download page. It may work with future versions, but those are not supported. We are currently looking into porting XMIDDLE to other parsers.




You are welcome to experiment with the code, which is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License.



Running XMIDDLE sample applications

How to run the sample XMIDDLE applications:

Make sure you have






in your classpath.

Unzip and go to that directory.

To run Shop, make sure to add shop.jar to the classpath and run



To run Meeting, make sure to add meeting.jar to the classpath and run





Compiling XMIDDLE applications

How to compile XMIDDLE applications:

To compile XMIDDLE-based applications, you need to have






 in your classpath when compiling.



Compiling the XMIDDLE platform

How to compile XMIDDLE:

Unzip the sourcecode file (

Go to the resulting xmiddle directory. The compilation process depends on Apache ANT

The targets that you can build are the following:

utils-jar (the utilities package)

framework-jar (the framework package)

impl-jar (the implementation package)

shop-jar (the shop application)

meeting-jar (the meeting application)


By default, it builds the meeting application.

The files resulting from the compilation will reside in the dist directory and will be suffixed with a timestamp (for example xmiddle-framework-20021119.jar ).




The XMIDDLE project thanks the Apache Software Foundation for Xerces and Xalan-Java.



Last update: December 2002 by Mirco Musolesi